Pain By The Iron law GodSpeedScroll™

Pain by the iron law, abdominal nation/ shyster Asian/ mental Jewels  9 inch Rubik’s 6f56fba50276985781debd90b7310d26cubes genetic godly rules/ Egyptian scriptures confuse /Air Force One one air force /pick an choose behold a pale white horse/ time takes its course/ heru heka sector neter  asaur amen /holy wars cold sores Satan garage/ two items sold one doubt to pride one man sales 1000 lies/ holy QURAN self disarmed azelaic a shalom /will of Yahweh so have it your way/ forth stage engage strawberry red green heaven seeds brown and black /China made heal your head suppress bullshit solid pyramid build with the wind/ no friends comprehend /muddle thinking dark and endless/ planet equate vision stargaze/ Solomon ways for supports of heaven you support your baby/ subliminal factor /sunlight super learning suppress thoughts supreme being/ temperament classes spill of the masses /thinking thingish thoughts/ abstract Mac true of heart Trinity methods /pain vinishu metu neter vitality/ I see it in you do you fill it in me/ this is the beginning of knowledge wisdom controls the mind /ra shine picture heaven in dark times/ elevate create design /my soul search and wonder of knowledge/ as if I was a hungry child surrounded by stingy street scholars/ alcoholics blunts pasted in ABC order/ looking at kinetic goons trying to Temp God’s daughters /yo we out of order Pain by the iron law/ mind petroleum Adam embrace/ 360° endless trace my face seal AusarAmen how do I begin /God wants to know who heart way more in sin /the feather may I go there nigga pain by the iron law~ light-speed~Rap Prayer.  GodSpeedWritings™ 


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