adad7a3bef62d738784a8779ba10847ala, u cool look like u having problems over there, what’s up talk to me ..Na I’m cool boo, niggas be hating ,u no how it do …They try and keep a sister confuse ,its all good thought ,why, u fin to leave ..Ya in a min, why ,naw I just was going to ask u if u could tell me, she said softly as she lowered the I phone on the table, why do niggas

 always be acting like they crazy I mean sometime when I talk to them they be acting like grown ass kids ,niggas crazy ,,relax Heru replied, relax just sit back ,now let’s just say that u created him, a sort of settle rearing to a certain point in life an mind set,you see, as he went through 

school he notice that u would always admire the drug dealers ,you know ,the rude boy type, an in his mind he figured that by him getting his education is all most next to use less if he was to get you, so he imitated the dope dealer and maybe then when he dropped out an rolled up in a lex wit the new True religion.  

Then maybe he will get yo attention, but as 

time go on that life style puts him through a change he become cold  hearted with a record a mile long.Then as u get older u say I

 just want a average man with a good job but buy that time his past has halted his feature,u OK  ya she replied I’m cool and I hear you. Heru could feel her thinking so he keep going. Now take Mason 4 instance hes like that boy in school very intelligent at first but his wits turn 2 deceitfulness and his warmth turn to ice, he has love but it’s not yours 4 his possessions come first, because trying to find you he found that, and in that he lost you..You see mason relationship with God was more of a materialistic nature the more shit he got the closer he felt then when Smith come through an wipe him out or raid his land an take everything back then he feel God don’t love him an wit that you don’t love him and with no father he loose his mind ….You no..For a sudden u could hear a pin drop, Jezebel smiled at Heru an just said u deep straight up I can see now. One said Heru now can I go…..

[from the book City of God}……GodSpeedWritings™


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