GodSpeed™ TA-CHI



1.In the infancy of his spiritual path..Running in the land of Law.

2.Man is unable to perceive the hidden forces and abstract laws that unify. As a drop of water and the ocean are the same qualitatively, but different in magnitude.

3.Meditate upon your throne. One breath per minute…

4.Sacred smoke blow upon the Djed.,of still thoughts and stability..

5.Hold firmly to the Shekem Staff of power..

6.Keep the body in supreme shape nature gives you a range of power radius around you 50 pounds of pressure equals 5 feet, power to resist 5 dead minds around you. Mind over matter.

7.Spoken of in the art of “Sculley Cap”,keeping the head covered represented blocking out most frequencies of the lower nature elf waves and WiFi thoughts…

      8.When fear shows its face respond in fearlessness which will alter reality itself ..

9.Know that you know,we all have the same truth masked by separate lies…

10.Never move when the Earth(her) is angry this will cause you to have to fight unnecessary neg- forces.. Calm her then move

11.Arm yourself with the “Bulletproof Vest” at all times when moving through the SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEAF…

12. Remember smooth is fast,fast is smooth. Cross over lightly.

13.Right thinking is your biggest weapon, power of judgement an mercy must be shown..Supreme MAAT.. GodSpeedWritings™


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