Chemtrails GodSpeedScience™

1-8oclock ,Also known as the hour of Sebek aka thee dawn of the underworld locked in the 8 sphere, Smith arouse [playtime]Let the games begin,[its Friday]…The human baby is born without an education; Therefore man possesses the power , by controlling the educational training of the younger generation, greatly to modify the evolutionary course of civilization .A land taken over by foreigners, the children lost their culture, the torchbearers lost the light ,the city moved backwards.While jets flew 100 miles high spraying, titanium, barium, aluminum chemicals changing the weather pattern, an lowering the physical vibration of the body making you more vulnerable to suggestion on a subliminal level. As the white lines fall they spread like a blanket over the atmosphere forming a white cloud void of form. Which blotted out the sun, after it ether rained snowed or got cold
 in the days to come…….{from the book city of god]……


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