90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe (Personality Survival) GodSpeedWritings

It was a beautiful summer night 70 degree was was natures way of saying humanity been on there best behavior. The moon was full and glowing red shaded with orange swirls. Meanwhile in a green grand Prix year 0904 ,Tehuti/ the mighty in speech/ whose words took immediate effect/silent weapons /mind wars we game we leave it at that/mental programming through music/ loud weapons lets do this/ bullets shoot situation/,,,who the fuck is that said 7star? That’s Poemoe,you ain’t heard that song Symbols yet ,you sleep on the god-body. said Poematic as he turn it down a notch you could hear the glass pipes purring in the back ground .She recline back in the gator skin bucket seat .The streets lights  gleamed, riding of from the mountain Poematic told her “sweet heart in the song symbols he talks of lyrical wizardry, spiting at the speed of light Poe lyrics turns into to a instrument .He shifted the emerald knob gear stick at 70 miles a hour ,he asked her”ever heard the tale of personality survival. No whats that King she replied .

Well imagine he spoke~ The evolutionary planets are the spheres of human origin, the initial worlds of the ascending mortal career. Earth is your starting point; here you and your divine Thought Adjuster are joined in temporary union. You have been endowed with a perfect guide; therefore, if you will sincerely run the race of time and gain the final goal of faith, the reward of the ages shall be yours; you will be eternally united with your indwelling Adjuster.

Then will begin your real life, the ascending life, to which your present mortal state is but the vestibule. Then will begin your exalted and progressive mission as finaliters in the eternity which stretches out before you. And throughout all of these successive ages and stages of evolutionary growth, there is one part of you that remains absolutely unaltered, and that is personality — permanence in the presence of change. 

Are you high king said 7star? Poematic made a right turn. Nan but listen boo listen  check it out,he spoke~   In all concepts of self-hood it should be recognized that the fact of life comes first, its evaluation or interpretation later. The human child first lives and subsequently thinks about his living. In the cosmic economy insight precedes foresight.

  All mortal concepts of reality are based on the assumption of the actuality of human personality; all concepts of superhuman realities are based on the experience of the human personality with and in the cosmic realities of certain associated spiritual entities and divine personalities. Everything nonspiritual in human experience, excepting personality, is a means to an end. Every true relationship of mortal man with other persons — human or divine — is an end in itself. And such fellowship with the personality of Deity is the eternal goal of universe ascension.

Poematic turned left ,7star pulled a ether stix out her alligator purse pushed the lighter in as he spoke~ The possession of personality identifies man as a spiritual being since the unity of selfhood and the self-consciousness of personality are endowments of the supermaterial world. The very fact that a mortal materialist can deny the existence of supermaterial realities in and of itself demonstrates the presence, and indicates the working, of spirit synthesis and cosmic consciousness in his human mind. 7star blew 9 smoke rings and kick her feet up Poematic was doing 97 miles a hour the streets turn to waves of light He spoke~

 As mind pursues reality to its ultimate analysis, matter vanishes to the material senses but may still remain real to mind. When spiritual insight pursues that reality which remains after the disappearance of matter and pursues it to an ultimate analysis, it vanishes to mind, but the insight of spirit can still perceive cosmic realities and supreme values of a spiritual nature. Accordingly does science give way to philosophy, while philosophy must surrender to the conclusions inherent in genuine spiritual experience. Thinking surrenders to wisdom, and wisdom is lost in enlightened and reflective worship.

In science the human self observes the material world; philosophy is the observation of this observation of the material world; religion, true spiritual experience, is the experiential realization of the cosmic reality of the observation of the observation of all this relative synthesis of the energy materials of time and space. To build a philosophy of the universe on an exclusive materialism is to ignore the fact that all things material are initially conceived as real in the experience of human consciousness. The observer cannot be the thing observed; evaluation demands some degree of transcendence of the thing which is evaluated.

By this time Poematic was going 100 miles a hour , he shift the gear the car jump as the front end rose up the end of symbols was playing 7star eyes was redder than a stop sign Poematic pulled from the ether blew 5 smoke rings an told her “I say that to say this queen ~In time, thinking leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to worship; in eternity, worship leads to wisdom, and wisdom eventuates in the finality of thought. They road of into the moon light going a 100 miles an hour while clouds of smoke creeped from the windows of a green grand Prix …… 90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe~Personality Survival


The song Symbols~ GodSpeedWritings™


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