90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe (Day Of Initiation) GodSpeedWritings™

5157096908939af00a59399fb9788a14This was a day of initiation. The stars where in perfect alignment .The 3 gods had decided to bring a new member into to their cyfer, but first she had to be taught the law of mind alignment. She was told that the snake had offset her sight ages ago in the Garden of Cush. G-blao grab a branch from the ether tree an a leaf from the bottom stem an proceeded to roll up. Poematic brushed his waves, Stixs grab the feather an started to scribe. Her name was 7Star, She was the fastest thinker of her tribe. She had crushed the ego while learning the art of reflection. She had jet black ether 9 braids, laced with diamond beads thick in all the right places 2% body fat an spoke with a voice of fire an power,a double Aries sign.

A warrior queen,men could not talk to her emotion for she thought from her intellect. An was able to see through there myths,the 3 gods admired her class an grace ,an her unusual thirst for knowledge. G-blao handed her the ether , Poematic lit it for her,she took a deep pull an blow 9 smoke rings singling that she was ready to start the initiation.They put her feet in alkaline water ,an lit 3 candles in front of her. In this, all words that was spoke would absorb into the candle flames an pass over the water where her feet rested.

Stixs dipped the feather ,an G-blao spoke~ THE presence of the divine Adjuster in the human mind makes it forever impossible for either science or philosophy to attain a satisfactory comprehension of the evolving soul of the human personality. The rising soul is the child of the universe and may be really known only through cosmic insight and spiritual discovery. She took another pull,blew out one ring Poematic caught it,as he brush his waves .

 G-blao spoke~The concept of a soul and of an indwelling spirit is not new to Earth; it has frequently appeared in the various systems of planetary beliefs. Many of the Oriental as well as some of the Occidental faiths have perceived that man is divine in heritage as well as human in inheritance. The feeling of the inner presence in addition to the external omnipresence of Deity has long formed a part of many Earth religions. Men have long believed that there is something growing within the human nature, something vital that is destined to endure beyond the short span of temporal life. 

Before man realized that his evolving soul was fathered by a divine spirit, it was thought to reside in different physical organs — the eye, liver, kidney, heart, and later, the brain. The savage associated the soul with blood, breath, shadows and with reflections of the self in water.

The inhabitants of the Nile valley believed that each favored individual had bestowed upon him at birth, or soon thereafter, a protecting spirit which they called the ka. They taught that this guardian spirit remained with the mortal subject throughout life and passed before him into the future estate .On the walls of a temple at Luxor, where is depicted the birth of Amenhotep III, the little prince is pictured on the arm of the Nile god, and near him is another child, in appearance identical with the prince, which is a symbol of that entity which the Egyptians called the ka. This sculpture was completed in the fifteenth century before Christ.

7Star passed Poematic the ether ,an asked can I add on to that ,be my guess said G-blao 7Star spoke~So the ka was thought to be a superior spirit genius which desired to guide the associated mortal soul into the better paths of temporal living but more especially to influence the fortunes of the human subject in the hereafter. When an Egyptian of this period died, it was expected that his ka would be waiting for him on the other side of the Great River. At first, only kings were supposed to have ka”s, but presently all righteous men were believed to possess them. One Egyptian ruler, speaking of the ka within his heart, said: “I did not disregard its speech; I feared to transgress its guidance. I prospered thereby greatly; I was thus successful by reason of that which it caused me to do; I was distinguished by its guidance.” Many believed that the ka was “an oracle from God in everybody.” Many believed that they were to “spend eternity in gladness of heart in the favor of the God that is in you.”

100 Said Poematic ~ Every race of evolving Earth mortals has a word equivalent to the concept of soul. Many primitive peoples believed the soul looked out upon the world through human eyes; therefore did they so cravenly fear the malevolence of the evil eye. They have long believed that “the spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord.” The Rig-Veda says: “My mind speaks to my heart.They elevated on into the night,as the stars gleamed with joy .A queen was born~ 90 billion years ago~Paralleled Universe… GodSpeedWritings™


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